Whenever a citizen wants to give input to the Board on issues regarding the school district, he/she should communicate with the entire Board and the Superintendent in one of the following ways:
    1. E-MAIL the ENTIRE Board and the Superintendent at the following addresses:
    Eric Tarallo, Superintendent: etarallo@monterey.k12.ca.us
    Dr. Peter Oppenheim, President: oppenheim.peter@yahoo.com
    Chris Hasegawa, Vice President: DrCHasegawa@gmail.com
    Steve McDougall,Clerk: mcdougall.spreckelsusd@gmail.com
    Alan Ediger, Member: aediger5@gmail.com
    Angelika Lipow, Member: anglipow@hotmail.com
    2. SEND A LETTER to the Superintendent, Eric Tarallo, at
    Spreckels Union School District/Buena Vista Middle School
    C/O Eric Tarallo 
    18250 Tara Drive
    Salinas, CA 93908 
    If the letter notes that the Board should receive a copy, the Superintendent’s office will be certain to distribute it to all Board members. If you send a letter to the Board, please also send a copy of the letter to the Superintendent at the above address.
    3. ATTEND A BOARD MEETING and speak either during "Communications" at the beginning of the meeting if the issue is not on the agenda, or after the Board President asks for public input when the Board is reviewing a particular agenda item. In the event a citizen is unable to attend a Board meeting and wants to express an opinion on an agenda item, prior to the meeting s/he should either send an e-mail or letter to the entire Board and Superintendent as noted above.
    At Public Meetings:
    • On agenda items, if a citizen asks a specific question, the Superintendent or Board President will respond.
    • On agenda items where a decision is going to be made by the Board, the Board will integrate comments from the public into its deliberation discussions and final vote.
    • On non-agenda items, due to state law, the Board cannot take action on such items. Public comment will be accepted, but neither the Superintendent nor Board President are expected to respond. The Board may give direction to the Superintendent to look into the issue and/or schedule consideration for a future agenda.
    E-mail or Letter Correspondence:
    The Board President or Superintendent will confirm receipt of an email or letter. Citizen input will be integrated into Board discussions and decision-making.
    When a more detailed response is warranted, either the Superintendent or Board President will respond to the e-mail or letter.
    E-mails and letters should be sent to all Board members and the Superintendent so that the entire governance team is made aware of a school district matter. 
    Public Meetings:
    Comments made by citizens during public meetings are not recorded in the official minutes kept by the Superintendent’s Office.  Only official actions are recorded. Board-approved minutes are available on the SUSD website under “Board Agendas and Minutes” after they are approved at a subsequent Board meeting.
    NOTICING OF MEETINGS (Minimum Requirements)
    Regular meetings:
    72 hours before meeting, the agenda will be posted at one or more locations freely accessible to members of the public. Public comment can be made on any item (at beginning of meeting if not on an agenda item, and during an agenda item if input is regarding specific agenda item).
    Special meetings:
    24 hours before meeting, Board members and local media who have requested such notice in writing, shall be given written notice specifying time and place of meeting and business to be discussed.  Agenda shall be posted in a location freely accessible to the public. No other business shall be considered at these meetings.
    The agenda is posted at accessible locations in the district. The regular and special meeting notices and agendas are sent via e-mail to all employees, and the media and citizens at-large who request to be notified via e-mail. In certain instances, if a matter pertains to certain neighborhood or interest groups, a notice is sent to those individuals or groups.